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On-line Store.   This on-line store linked directly to Amazon, offers an assortment of my favorite books, DVDs, and yoga products. I've either read or used these items and highly recommend them. Feel free to build your library of books, compile your playlist, or find the right products to set-up your home studio.


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YOGA SESSIONS: Volumes I & II,  was a project I completed and released in 2006. The opportunity came out of nowhere and pushed my boundaries in many ways. Although I worked tirelessly on the project: writing, producing and performing in it, an "un-yogic like Hollywood drama" let it get away from me.  Nevertheless, through divine intervention, YOGA SESSIONS has a flourished on its own, selling thousands of copies in many countries around the world. In fact, the DVDs are still available on Amazon and Best Buy. Due to it's success, I feel inspired and empowered to move forward with additional volumes to be released sometime in the near future. Volume III is coming soon!

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